Extended RBC Genotyping

Extended RBC Genotyping

This test identifies common clinically significant blood groups.

Knowledge of a more extended predicted blood group typing is very beneficial. The BGG Laboratory offers a test profile that predicts the blood group phenotype for the most clinically significant blood groups.  

A full RBC genotype can detect various human red cell blood group alleles to enable identification of an extended predicted phenotype. Test will predict the patient’s phenotype for the following blood groups:

  • RhD, C/c, E/e, Cw, K/k, Fya/Fyb, Jka/Jkb, M/N/S/s, Doa/Dob, Vel  

The rare RHD*08N.01 (RHD*Ψ) allele can be detected; however RHD variant alleles are not detected (see RHD/RHCE Genotyping). The FY*01N.01 (FyGATA; -67T>G) and FY*02W.01/.02 (Fyx; 265C>T) alleles can be detected.  

Patients that would benefit from this test include, but are not limited to:

  • Those with unclear blood groups due multi-transfusion of red cells units
  • Patients generating allo- or auto-antibodies
  • Patient’s who have a positive direct antiglobulin test (DAT)
  • Patients with autoimmune haemolytic diseases (e.g. AIHA, CAD)
  • Multiple myeloma patients undergoing Daratumumab (Darzalex®) treatment
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