National Haemovigilance Office

National Haemovigilance Office

Welcome to the National Haemovigilance Office

The National Haemovigilance Office (NHO) was set up by the IBTS and launched by the Minister for Health and Children in 1999. Since its onset the NHO has been collecting and analysing anonymised information on reports of adverse events and reactions in blood transfusion from all healthcare organisations that are involved in the transfusion of blood and blood components in the Republic of Ireland.

The NHO is very much involved with promotion of best transfusion practice in hospitals throughout Ireland, through advice, guidelines and education.

Definition of Haemovigilance

A set of organised surveillance procedures relating to serious adverse or unexpected events or reactions in donors or recipients and the epidemiological follow-up of donors (EC Directive 2002/98/EC).

For information on "Reporting to the NHO" please click here

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