Research Themes

Research Themes

Our chosen research themes prioritise areas for further research in order to drive forward our objectives of improved donation and donor care, progressing our blood services, and becoming a key research leader in the field of transfusion science and medicine.

Disease epidemiology & genetic susceptibility

Our ambition is to:

  • capture and monitor donor infectious disease and genetic epidemiology.

Donation & deferral policy

Our ambition is to:

  • Gain a deeper understanding of the dynamics of the donation through behavioural scientific and sociological research
  • Improve donor welfare
  • Analyse the effects on donation following changes in policies

Applied diagnostics & technical advancement

Our ambition is to:

  • Ensure we are at the forefront of technological advancements
  • Harness the scientific capabilities within the laboratory
  • Drive peer-review publication of laboratory developments

Clinical evaluation of blood transfusion & transplantation

Our Ambition is to:

  • Collaborate on clinical trials evaluating blood components and tissue
  • Continue of blood component and tissue administration
  • Drive peer-review publication of audit, clinical case studies and haemovigilance

Research & Development Strategy 2021-2023
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