Monitoring Programmes

Monitoring Programmes

Anti-D/Hepatitis C National Screening Programme was initiated in February 1994 to offer Hepatitis C testing to recipients of BTSB Anti-D. While all recipients of BTSB Anti-D were invited to come forward for testing the emphasis was placed on those known to be at significant risk i.e. those that received Anti-D between 1 May 1977 and 31 July 1979. This was later extended to include recipients of this product from 1 March 1991 through to 18 February 1994. Recipients are invited to contact the IBTS who will arrange testing with your General Practitioner. Testing is free of charge. General Practitioners are provided with sampling kits to carry out this testing.

Testing Programme for Blood Transfusion Recipients. This programme is for transfusion recipients only. It is not intended for patients who have other risks for Hepatitis C. Recipients of blood transfusion (blood or blood components) in Ireland prior to October 1991 are offered screening for Hepatitis C virus by their General Practitioner. Transfusion recipients are invited to attend their General Practitioner and submit a blood sample. General Practitioners are provided with sampling kits by the IBTS and testing to patients is free.

Contact the IBTS

You can contact the IBTS by phone or email (full contact details below).  If you are calling outside working hours (9am - 5pm) please ensure you provide the following details :

 - your full name                

- date of birth                

- approximate date on which it is likely you received Anti-D and the hospital you attended                

- telephone number and most suitable time to call you back.

On receipt of this message, a staff member from the Unit will ensure to make contact with you . 

Dublin Centre Recipient Tracing Unit,

Irish Blood Transfusion Service,

National Blood Centre,

James Street,

Dublin 8

Freephone 1800 222 111 (calling within Ireland)


If you are calling from outside Ireland please phone: +353 1 432 2868

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