Research Practice

Research Practice

The essential basis of all research projects is a unique research question, the answer to which may directly advance or inform academic knowledge, practices or guidelines.


Research Scope

  • Research project proposals that will add to the current academic knowledge.
  • Grant-funded projects.
  • Studies requiring ethical approval.
  • Laboratory developments, audits and case studies suitable for peer-reviewed publication.

What is required when proposing a research project?

  • Clear well-defined research question relevant to blood transfusion and transplantation.

Research Ethics and Data Protection

Project Oversight & Governance

  • Projects and spending are overseen by our Research & Development board sub-committee.
  • The inception, progression and completion of all research projects is centrally monitored through the Research and Development Lead Facilitator.

Culture and communication

  • Innovative research ultimately comes from combining a diversity of perspectives and is facilitated by an environment that’s a ‘safe haven’ for ideas and collaboration.
  • Effective communication of research findings is paramount to creating a positive research culture and valuable way of connecting with all the different communities engaging with our services.


IBTS Research & Development Strategy 2021 to 2023
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