Bright Ideas 2023

Bright Ideas 2023


Your Bright Idea is eligible if it can

  1. Improve Service Delivery to our varied service users, e.g. to donors, patients, the public or hospitals
  2. Improve Processes/Systems thereby adding value by doing something better
  3. Direct Cost Savings and help us save money by doing something more efficiently
  4. Drive Sustainability in any of our daily tasks
  5. Contribute to staff well-being and morale thereby maximising our enjoyment at work
  6. Positively promote / encourage blood donation helping to support this core function of what we do
  7. Support collaboration with another organisation, society, charity or body
  8. Embody our Values helping us to truly 'live' our values as an organisation

Your Bright Idea is NOT eligible if it

  1. Covers an issue that has already been suggested by someone else or is part of an ongoing project
  2. Relates to employee terms and conditions of employment,
  3. Is  a complaint about some aspect of the IBTS,
  4. Has no discernible benefits to the IBTS or our service users

Submission Criteria:

Bright Idea suggestions must:

  1. Be novel and add value
  2. Positively impact the above criteria benefiting to the IBTS.
  3. Demonstrate leadership
  4. Align with one of our values

Evaluation process

  • Members of the innovation team will review and assess your submissions with respect to the above eligibility criteria
  • Selected submissions will be sent to staff for a PEER-VOTE
  • Chosen Bright Ideas will be progressed directly through the Innovation Team or the Programme Board, as appropriate.

Idea Awards

Individuals that proposed the chosen Bright Ideas, following the peer-vote, will received an Innovation Award from the IBTS Innovation Team. 

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