Our Innovation


Our Innovation Strategy

We envision an innovative workplace that encourages, supports and celebrates innovative initiatives and research that ultimately add value to all the communities that we serve. Supporting innovation helps our organisation continuously create and improve processes, products, services, and experiences for our customers: our people; our donors; our hospital clients. New strategy coming soon!

Guiding Principles

The following three principles help us nurture a culture of innovation:

  • Encourage cross-disciplinary collaboration in a supportive environment

  • Give our people the skills and resources to be innovators

  • Drive our successes by supporting failure

Supporting Innovation

  • Silo disruption | Collaboration on cross-functional projects so personnel can practice working across departmental lines.

  • Space and Connection | Encourage the active sharing of information

  • Curiosity | Analytical curiosity to ask ‘why’, leads to innovative problem-solving solutions.

  • Shared purpose | Innovation must be approached from a shared purpose user-centric perspective.

  • Environment | Create a space where there is courage to fail, and fail better, knowing this process supported.

Innovation Team

Our innovation team is a  multi-disciplinary group of stakeholders from across our organisation, including Research, Education and Quality.

Bright Ideas

We know that one small change can make a big difference. The IBTS Bright Ideas is a scheme that encourages all staff members to suggest ideas and changes that can be implemented to further support our values and strategy. Any idea which brings efficiency or ‘adds value’ to our work will be considered. Tell us what changes you would make to your daily life at IBTS by entering our Bright Ideas 2023

The basics 

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