Blood Group Genetics

Blood Group Genetics

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The IBTS is developing a new service to allow the determination of blood groups by typing patient’s and donor’s DNA.

 We started Weak D Genotyping in April 2017, and RHD/RHCE genotyping on selected patients in April 2017.

We are committed to developing a high quality service providing the most appropriate molecular blood group investigations for patients.

From mid-January 2018 hospitals can send samples directly to the Blood Group Genetics Laboratory for Weak D Genotyping, RHD/RHCE Genotyping, Extended Blood Group Genotyping and RHCE Variant investigation.

 A key investigation we will offer will be a Fetal RHD Screen. This test will determine fetal RHD type by testing cell-free DNA extracted from maternal plasma. This test is nearing completion of validation and will be offered to hospitals in 2018.

Contact Details

Blood Group Genetics Laboratory

Molecular Biology and Genetics Department

National Blood Centre

Irish Blood Transfusion Service

James’s Street

Dublin 8

Office: +353-1-4322964

Laboratory: +353-1-4322974 / 2975


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