Dr. Allison Waters

Dr Allison Waters


“I believe the final stage in the research cycle is communicating our results with all those impacted by the findings, as using this as evidence to drive further development.”


My current role facilitates the inception, progression and completion of our research projects, thereby providing local governance, expert leadership and research support.

Research Interests

My own research interests are primarily in infectious diseases and molecular epidemiology. I currently have 29 peer-reviewed publications. At present, I am involved in a number studies in Irish blood donors which are the addressing gaps in tracking the level and spread of viral infections in a healthy population. I have recently been appointed as an Adjunct Associate Professor of the UCD School of Public Health, Physiotherapy and Sports Science and aim to develop social epidemiology projects that aim to gain a deeper understanding of the motivators and barriers to blood donation.

Educational Interests

I am actively involved in the supervision of PhD, MSc and MPH students. I also participate in lecturing to undergraduate and postgraduate students on all aspects or our research, as well as, virus screening and epidemiology.

Further Information 

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