Haemovigilance Education

Haemovigilance Education

National Haemovigilance Office Open days

All newly appointed hospital based Haemovigilance Officers are invited to attend an induction training programme run once a year by the NHO in the National Blood Centre.

Among the topics covered on this day are:

  • Reporting of Serious Adverse Events/Reactions
  • Hospital Based Haemovigilance
  • Clinical Issues
  • Quality Issues
  • Clinical Audit
  • Guidance on developing Standard Operating Procedures (SOP's)

If you are newly appointed and working in haemovigilance and would like to attend an upcoming Open Day , please contact the office at haemovigilance@ibts.ie.

The National Haemovigilance Office continues to support transfusion education for hospital based Haemovigilance Officers and staff involved in the transfusion process. Support is also provided for nursing and laboratory science students.


Elearning modules aimed at practitioners involved in blood transfusion practice can be accessed on HSeLanD.

Each module has several units, and is supported by self-directed learning materials, links to additional resources, and a helpdesk. The patient scenarios provide learners with interactive learning, and address various aspects of transfusion practice such as, triggers for transfusion, informed consent and alternatives to transfusion.

Self-directed learning packs, face-to-face learning content, guidelines and hyperlinks to additional materials supplement the programme content. There are assessments for each module and the e-learning programme can be accessed here.

Access to the site is funded by the Irish Blood Transfusion Service and is co-ordinated from the NHO. For more information contact the NHO at haemovigilance@ibts.ie

For information on "Reporting to the NHO" please click here.

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