Transition Year Programme

Transition Year Programme

The IBTS will soon launch a TY programme which aims to provide students with a unique and exciting opportunity to learn about the vein to vein journey of blood from donor to patient in the National Blood Centre. .

Course Description

Transition Year students will enjoy a week of work experience within the IBTS. The programme will include shadowing designated IBTS professionals in the National Blood Centre as well as attending in-house classroom based activities.

Participants will spend time in the laboratories and learn about the importance of blood transfusion. They will also learn about the basics of blood grouping and be given the opportunity to learn safe practical laboratory skills such as pipetting, using centrifuges, etc as well as the importance of GMP.

Throughout the week, students will discover what it’s like to work in the IBTS and spend time in the various departments such as T&E, the laboratories, ONE HR, Research and Development as well as having the opportunity to visit clinics.

In addition students will be equipped with the practical life skills of writing an impressive CV and interview skills as well as having opportunities to innovate, think critically and increase their social awareness.   


  • Donor recruitment and blood collection (visit to clinic)
  • Processing, manufacturing and storage of blood components.
  • Basics of transfusion Science, practical using reagent red cells, donor testing
  • Practical laboratory skills
  • Transfusion patients (Medical Talk)
  • Bloody Research” in the IBTS/ Project work

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