Monitoring of Donor Iron Levels

Monitoring of Donor Iron Levels


  • Evidence-based iron level assessment at donation
  • Maximising donor welfare


Key Findings

  • Repeated donation can deplete iron stores below the recommended ferritin level and longer donation intervals, especially for female donors, may be an effective measure to mitigate donor iron deficiency.
  • Haemoglobin estimation alone in both whole blood and plateletpheresis donors may not be adequate. Our results support the value of serum ferritin measurement in donor welfare management.
    • THE HIDDEN IMPACT OF REPEATED DONATION: Haemoglobin and Ferritin Iron levels in Irish Blood donors
      Allison Waters, Dearbhla Butler, Maha Islam, Liam Burke, Dermot Coyne, Tor Hervig. - Oral Presentation ISBT 2023
    •  Serum ferritin in plateletpheresis and whole blood donors. Frances Duggan, Kathleen O'Sullivan, Joan P Power, Michael Healy, William G Murphy. Transfus Apher Sci. 2016 Aug;55(1):159-63.

    On-going Research 

    • Assessment of ferritin levels in Irish whole blood donors
    • Impact of repeated whole blood donation on heamoglobin iron levels 
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